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Temporary Jobs for University Research Institutes and Centers (URIC)

Student Temps, including Student Work Study Temps

If you have identified a temporary candidate on your own, and would like to hire them, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Hiring Manager (or department representative) sends the Student Temp  onboarding checklist to their candidate of choice.
  2. Following the instructions on the onboarding checklist, Temp completes all required steps and returns the completed paperwork to the Hiring Manager.
  3. Hiring Manager completes the bottom section of the Personal Data Form labeled “For Temporary Employees Only” and submits all completed paperwork for Student Temps to Barbara Beeuwsaert at  who will submit the request to HR operation via onBase.
  4. After candidate completes I-9 Section 2, the temp hire will be processed.
  5. It is the Student Work Study’s responsibility to return the completed Federal Work-Study Authorization Form to the Work-Study Office. The form must be completed by the student’s employer and returned to the Work-Study Office in order to be authorized. For more information on Work-Study employment opportunities, pleasevisit the Work-Study Program website.

If you have questions, please contact Barbara Beeuwsaert at

Non-Student Temps and Contractors
(includes independent contractors and contractors through 3rd party staffing agencies)

All requests for non-student temporary workers and contractors need to flow through the Position Management Process before work is performed.  

Note: If the request is for a Non-Student Sourced Temp or Contractorand the Estimated Total Cost of Assignment is less than $2,000, or paid 70% to 100% from sponsored funding, complete the first page of theTemporary/Contractor Request Form  and submit per the instructions on the form.

Following are the steps for hiring a temporary worker or contractor(assignment cost >$2,000; funding <70% from sponsored funds):

  1. Unit/Center:
    1. Completes the Temporary/Contractor Request Form  and attaches required documents
    2. Obtains appropriate Unit/Center Signatures (electronic signatures preferred)
    3. Sends Temporary/Contractor Request Form to Beth Abbott and Claire Landis
  2. OR Admin (Beth and Claire):
    1. Reviews the Temporary/Contractor Request Form for completeness and asks questions as necessary
    2. Forwards the Temporary/Contractor Request Form to Vice President for Research, Jay Walsh, for review and approval
    3. Sends Temporary/Contractor Request Form to The Position Approval Committee
  3. Position Approval Committee:
    1. Reviews request and issues a decision of Approved, Deferred, or Denied
    2. Requests a minimum 10-day turnaround for expected turnaround time
    3. Communicates decision to Office for Research (VPR, Claire, Beth)

If you have questions, please contact Beth Abbott


URICA/Office for Research Temp/Contractor Request Process Flow