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Research Appointments

 About Appointments

Research Faculty, Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Staff, Visiting Scholar Appointments

  1. Appointments reside in the department/center that pays the salary and is responsible for the work and effort of the individual.
  2. If a faculty member provides supervision, the faculty member’s affiliation with the department/center is also considered in making this determination.
  3. If funding support is provided by a more than one department/center, the secondary department’s/center’s chart string will be provided to the primary department/center.

See the Research Appointment Policies.

Graduate Students Appointments

Please visit the Personnel and Payroll page on the University Research Center Administration website for further information.

Processes, Policies, and Forms

Policies and Recommendation Forms for Research Staff, Visitor and Faculty Appointments

Payroll Process for New, Renewal and Termination of Research Appointments in University Research Centers

VISA Process for Research Appointments in University Research Centers