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Financials for Centers

NU Financial Systems:

Unit staff with financial system security can now access the following applications:
– NUFinancials
– iBuyNU
– Cognos reports
– InfoEd

NU Portal

To log in, go to the NUPortal and click the Staff tab.

Project Café Resources

  • New equivalents for old CUFS systems
  • Schedule for training classrooms
  • General hints for using the financial system
  • Materials from all Project Café training

Chart of Accounts Crosswalk

Chart of Accounts Crosswalk translates CUFS numbers to PeopleSoft chartstrings (and vice versa.)

You will be required to login via VPN for access from off campus.

Cafe OR Allowable Level of Purchasing Approval

The Office for Research administrative units may approve purchases under $5,000; this is considered Level 2 approval.

Per University policy, no one is allowed to approve their own purchase request.

Cafe Security Forms

Complete and forward the Security forms to obtain access to NU Financial systems.

Pro Card Process

  • Northwestern allows departments to have a type of credit card called a ProCard.
    Please review the ProCard policy.
  • The maximum limit on a ProCard in Office for Research is $1,500 per transaction and $5,000 per month. Well-supported exceptions will be considered.
  • Send the completed application form to ORFA for review and approval.

Purchasing Contract Approvals

Vendors are encouraged to accept Northwestern terms and conditions for all purchases. (See .)

If vendors include their own terms and conditions, they must be reviewed by the Office of General Counsel (OGC). OGC’s review will identify any vendor terms which may be legally objectionable.

Depending on whether the vendor will agree to (i) accept Northwestern’s standard terms or (ii) modify their terms, OGC may prepare an addendum to the vendor’s invoice or quote.

OGC will:

  • Forward final documents for Northwestern signature to an individual with appropriate authority to sign on behalf of Northwestern*
  • Return the signed documents to the administrative unit

Administrative unit will:

  • Coordinate with the vendor to obtain the vendor’s signature
  • Attach the fully-executed agreement along with any other required forms (i.e., Sole Source Justification form) to the requisition.

*Any document — vendor bid, contract or invoice — needing an authorized signature binding the University must be reviewed by OGC.  Only the President, Provost, Senior Vice President, and Vice Presidents are authorized to sign for Northwestern, with the exception of a very limited number of individuals who have been expressly delegated written authority to sign on Northwestern’s behalf. For further guidance, please refer to: