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NetID Automation

How are new NetIDs for Faculty and Staff Created?

The NetID will allow the employee to access the Kronos Time System and other applications.
Once a new faculty, staff member or temporary employee is hired in FASIS, a NetID is generated for them within 24-48 hours. Barbara Beeuwsaert, NetID Coordinator for OR Admin, contacts the new employee’s supervisor with instructions on how to access the “Activate Your NetID” page.
Each Center should designate a NetID Coordinator. Please contact Barbara Beeuwsaert.

If you have questions relating to your NetID or password, contact the NUIT Support Center at:
847-491-HELP (4357) or

FASIS – Reports To

To change the approver for Conflict of Interest (COI), Training (Learning & Development), Performance, Bi-Weekly Kronos approver and Exempt employee leave accrual, contact Barbara Beeuwsaert.


Supervisors must approve both time sheets for biweekly employees and leave accruals for exempt employees using the Kronos Time System.

  • Kronos Time Entry for Biweekly Employees:
    Northwestern University’s Kronos is used to record time for all biweekly staff and temporary employees. Access to Kronos is only available on campus not including the dorms unless using VPN.
    -Need to change the approver for Bi-weekly Timecard? Please contact Barbara Beeuwsaert
  • Kronos Exempt Staff Leave Accruals:
    Time off for each month must be completed by the tenth day of the following month, and must receive manager approval by the fifteenth day.
    – Need to change the approver for your Exempt employee leave accrual? Please contact Barbara Beeuwsaert
  • Recording Part-Time and Flex-Time Schedules (only for exempt staff employees)
    Employees who work part-time or work full-time with a flex schedule must submit a Monthly Employee Part-Time or Flexible Schedule Form to HR. This will allow employees to enter a day off in Kronos and accurately record half and full-day absences associated with their daily schedules

Questions: please contact Barbara Beeuwsaert.
Kronos HELP Desk (8:30-5:00 Mon-Fri), Call: (847) 467-7606 (7-7606)

FASIS/Self Service

Find resources for using components of FASIS Self Service.
Accessing the Self Service Sign-in Page.

FASIS Administration

To obtain access to Staff eRecruit:

Please complete and submit the eRecruit Access Authorization Form    to Barbara Beeuwsaert, Office for Research, 633 Clark St. Crown North Tower 2nd Floor, Evanston campus Il 60208 before attending the eRecruit Training.

Registration HRS121: Staff eRecruit is required; simply log in to Self Service.

Please let me know when he will be attending training so I can communicate to FASIS eRecruit role and department security.

Information regarding FASIS and Staff eRecruit courses is available at

To obtain access to FASIS Administration (for Centers only)

Please complete and submit the FASIS Lookup Access Authorization Form    to Barbara Beeuwsaert, Office for Research, 633 Clark St. Crown North Tower 2nd Floor, Evanston campus Il 60208 before attending the FASIS Training.

Registration HRS101: FASIS Lookup Training is required; simply log in to Self Service.

Payroll Expenses Reports (PED- Cognos/Vista)

Payroll Expenses Reports are sent to Directors upon request to Barbara Beeuwsaert.

Manager Resources Performance Review

Managers help impact recruitment, productivity, retention and job satisfaction. The information and resources on this site are designed to support and assist you in being more effective in fulfilling your role as a manager.

Family Medical Leave

Responsibilities of Managers and Employees

The Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), that falls under a division of the US Department of Labor, was enacted to provide employees with up to 12 weeks of job protection while caring for their own serious health condition, care for a family member’s serious health condition, and military leave. Supervisors and managers need to document this time for the protection of their employees. Proper compliance is essential since FMLA regulations hold the employer responsible for ensuring that employees are aware of their FMLA rights. Northwestern University, as a covered employer under this federally mandated program, must ensure that managers are aware of our compliance responsibilities.

Managers have certain responsibilities on behalf of Northwestern University, which include:

  • Report extended absences of over 5 days to the Benefits Division. The Benefits Division will follow up with the employee to see if a Leave of Absence is needed.
  • Do not request medical information from the employee. The employee will communicate any needed medical information directly to the Leave Administrator in the Benefits Division.
  • Do not discuss Leave details with other employees.
  • Do not allow employees to return to work after a medical leave without a release to work from the Benefits Division.

Extended Sick Time Salary Relief

Effective September 1, 2015, departments with staff or faculty members on a Hartford-approved medical leave (EST) can receive financial salary relief from the central HR Extended Sick Time account, using a new electronic process.

Biweekly Regular Employees: Extended Sick pay will be charged automatically to a central benefits pool; nothing further needs to be done.

Exempt Staff and Faculty: Extended Sick pay will be charged to the department initially, but may be recovered from the benefits pool using the process below.

  • The employee’s medical leave must be for the employee’s own illness, and must be approved by The Hartford.
  • Research faculty and Feinberg clinical faculty leaves currently are not covered under this process.
  • The department is responsible for salary payment during the 5-day waiting period before EST.
  • A FASIS Administration Deployed Funding user in the department must enter a Payroll Journal in FASIS to recover the funding incurred during EST (charge the Extended Sick Pool: 120-1130001).
  • Requests for salary relief must be initiated within 90 days of the date the employee’s leave began (for monthly employees).
  • If an employee leaves again within 90 days of their return, there is no 5-day waiting period.
  • Salary relief is not available for:
    • Requests received outside the 90-day time period
    • FMLA only leaves:
      • Birth and Adoption Parental Leave (BAPL)
      • Childrearing
      • Intermittent/Continuous medical or family care leaves
    • Non-FMLA/EST medical leaves

See Extended Sick Time Salary Relief for more information.