Terminations in University Research Institutes and Centers (URIC)

Staff Employee and Temporary Jobs

The business administrator or Center director works with HR Staffing Consultant Ericka Wrencher and ORFA on any issues associated with the employee’s separation.

  • The business administrator submits the completed position/appointment data forms to Barbara Beeuwsaert, ORFA, 633 Clark Street, Crown Building North Tower 2nd Floor, Evanston Campus.
    *Forms for existing Positions/Appts must be pre-printed from FASIS Admin.
  • The Business Administrator arranges to discontinue any access to building, computer, servers, phone, voicemail, etc.)
  • Review HR Employment Termination Checklist.

Resolving Vacation/Personal Floating Holiday (PFH) Balances

  • Exempt Staff completes the leave accrual usage online (available in Kronos. ) The supervisor approves amount prior to termination.
  • When Payroll receives the termination form of an exempt employee, it processes a payment for any Vacation/Personal Floating Holiday (PFH) balances if the employee’s final timecard has been approved by his/her manager in Kronos.

    *NOTE: Payments not made within regulated timeframes could result in a Department of Labor investigation and substantial penalties for non-compliance. Penalties and damages could exceed 20 percent of the underpaid amount.

Vacation Payouts for Grant-Funded Employees / sponsored projects (funds 6xx, 191, 192,193)

Effective September 1, 2015, a new Grant Vacation Benefit Pool has been created.
The new central Grant Benefit Pool will incur the costs of vacation, PFH, and sick pool payouts which otherwise would have been charged to a sponsored account.  
Salary Continuation (severance pay) for a full or partial grant-funded employee will see the proportion of grant funding redirected to the Grant Benefit Pool instead.

  • Non-sponsored accounts are still responsible for any portion of payout or severance that would otherwise be charged to those accounts (proportional to the employee’s position funding distribution)
    – First week vacation is charged to the HR Benefits Pool
    – Remainder of vacation hours and all PFH hours are charged to the nonsponsored accounts, according to the current funding distribution
  • All processes happen automatically, with no intervention from the department required

Further documentation and policy documents will be posted to this website by August 28, and the new policy takes effect September 1.  Until then, please refer to the Complete Town Hall Presentation Slides  for more detail

Termination of Temporary Jobs

  • The Business Administrator processes the termination in the FASIS Temp panel –”Maintain Job Information-Temps”
  • The Business Administrator arranges to discontinue any access to building, computer, servers, phone, voicemail, etc.)
  • Review HR Employment Termination Checklist.

Questions? Contact Barbara Beeuwsaert.