Policies and Forms for Research Staff, Visitor and Faculty Appointments


Research Visitor Appointments/Policy

Research Staff Appointments/Policy

Research Faculty Appointments/Policy

The Office of the Provost assumes administrative oversight of Research Faculty appointments. Faculty is defined here as those with the title of Research Professor, Research Associate Professor, Research Assistant Professor, Senior Research Investigator, Research Scientist-Professor, Research Scientist-Associate Professor, and Research Scientist-Assistant Professor.  

Postdoctoral Appointments/Policy

Recommendation Appointment Forms

University Research Institutes and Centers will continue to forward any requests to Barbara  Beeuwsaert, barbarab@northwestern.edu, and Adriana Montoya, adriana.montoya@northwestern.edu, who will coordinate the intake and review of these requests.

Recommendation for Research Visitor

Recommendation for Research Staff

Recommendation for Research Faculty

Recommendation for Postdoctoral Research Appointment form


Template for an Appointment Non-Renewal Letter